The Queerish Book Club May 2024: A Botanical Daughter by Noah Medlock

The Queerish Book Club is a monthly book club that specialises in LGBTQ+ literature. It typically runs on the last/second to last Monday of the month at 7pm and takes place at The Queerish Bookshop.

Our May book is A Botanical Daughter by Noah Medlock and our meeting will take place on Monday 27th May at 7pm.

The book club is ticketed and all our spots are taken. People who have not booked a ticket will not be given entry as we have limited space in store. 

Below are the questions we will discuss at the club. Please note the questions contain spoilers.  

A Botanical Daughter - Book Club Questions

1. The bond between Gregor and Simon is a complex one. Discuss the nature of their relationship and how it shapes their decisions throughout the story. Did you find their dynamic sympathetic? How does their dynamic change with the arrival of Chloe?

2. The novel was compared to the writing of Oscar Wilde and Mary Shelley. From your knowledge of their writing, whether you have read their work or are only vaguely aware of it, what did you make of this comparison? Did you agree or disagree? 

3. How does the novel portray the relationship between faith and science? Do the characters see these concepts as conflicting, or can they coexist? 

Bonus Question: If you had the opportunity to touch a mossy clitoris, would you? 

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