The YMCA Young Adult Book Club March 2024: Boy Like Me

The YMCA Book Club is a monthly Young Adult book club that specialises in YA LGBTQ+ literature. You must be aged between 12-18 in order to attend. It typically runs on the first Monday of the month at 6pm - 7pm and takes place at Tees Valley YMCA, Middleton Court, Middleton St, Darlington DL1 1TU.

The first book we're reading is Boy Like Me by Simon James Green and we will meet on Monday 4th March 6pm at the YMCA to discuss.

Below are the questions we will discuss at the club. Please note the questions may contain spoilers.  


Boy Like Me - Book Club Questions

1. This book tries to capture the history of Section 28, which prohibited any positive portrayal of queerness in schools. Were you aware of this history before reading? If so, how did you feel about the way it was presented? If not, how did you find learning about it?


2. The book constantly breaks the fourth wall, through annotations, directly addressing the reader, and references to narrative tropes. How did you feel about this distinctive style?


3. The book comments on the power of media and information, with characters experiencing self discovery through a queer novel, and the school's attempts at censorship. Did you resonate with this theme? Are there any pieces of media that have particularly helped you discover yourself?


4. The main character Jamie gains confidence and new perspective from people in his life, like the school librarian and his budding relationship. What does this book teach us about connections to other people? 


5. Multiple characters break the stereotypes and expectations built up around them over the course of the story. Were there any characters that particularly surprised you? What do you think the book was trying to say with these subversions? 


6. In an important scene, characters discuss the fact that real life has no true endings. In this light, what do you think about the way the author chooses to end this story? 


Bonus question: How did you feel about  Jamie's imaginary friend Electra? 

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