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Hannah Lynn

Daughters of Olympus

Daughters of Olympus

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This lush, emotional retelling of the story of Persephone and Demeter is perfect for fans of Madeleine Miller and Claire Heywood.

A daughter pulled between two worlds and a mother willing to destroy both to protect her ...

Demeter: a goddess of life, living half of one.

Demeter did not always live in fear. Once, she loved the world and the humans who inhabited it. But after an act of devastating violence, she hides herself away among the grasses and wildflowers. Her only solace is her daughter.

Before she was Persephone, she was Core.

Core is as bright as summer and devoted to her mother, even during their millennia in exile from Olympus. But she craves freedom. Naïve and determined, she secretly builds a life of her own and as she does so, she catches the eye of a powerful god.

The daughters of Olympus will have the last word.

Hades kidnaps Core and renames her as Queen of the Underworld. In the land without sun, she realises she may have a chance to regain what she thought she’d lost forever. But Demeter will destroy anything, even the humans she holds dear, to bring her daughter back. A mother who has lost everything and a daughter with more to gain than she ever realised will irrevocably shape the world: all in the name of something as human as love.

Gods and men wage their petty wars, but the women of spring will have the last word.

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