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Mikaela Loach

It's Not That Radical: Climate Action to Transform Our World

It's Not That Radical: Climate Action to Transform Our World

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Representations of climate action in the mainstream media have been white-washed, green-washed and diluted; this book tackles the reality of climate change from a new perspective.

What do we do that heavily contributes to the climate crisis and its environmental consequences? Tackling the climate crisis requires us to visit the roots of poverty, capitalist exploitation, police brutality and legal injustice.

Climate justice offers the real possibility of huge leaps towards racial equality and collective liberation as it aims to dismantle the very foundations of these issues. This is an accessible, hopeful and galvanising book offering readers the tools to participate in the fight for climate justice.

In this book, you will find:

- Complex and challenging topics to provide context to the environment that we're living in and galvanise readers to take action.

- Answers to important questions like What is Climate Justice? And are we being too Radical or Not Radical Enough?

- A fresh perspective on climate change and the environment we live in.

In this book, Mikaela Loach offers a perspective for real climate action that could drastically change the world as we know it to benefit us all.
Written with truthfulness and hope, It's Not That Radical will galvanise readers to take action, offering an accessible and transformative appraisal of our circumstances to help prepare a majority for the future of our planet.

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