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Samantha Irby



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'This is an unforgettable book.' Roxane Gay, best-selling author of Bad Feminist and Difficult Women

Meditations on the terror of love; tips for getting your disgusting meat carcass ready for some new, hot sex; a frank self-evaluation upon the occasion of one's 30th birthday; and, finally, the answer to the question on everyone's minds: Would dying alone really be so terrible? Blogger and comedian Samantha Irby covers it all with wit and honesty - and serves it with a side of Instagram frittata. 

'The only writer who can make me laugh with abandon in public ... Her signature irreverence is intact, of course, but it can't mask the heart she leaves bleeding on the page.' - Elle

'Samantha Irby is hilarious ... Nothing is off limits and I love it.' - Candice Carty-Williams

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