Ban Conversion Therapy - Ask Your MP to Attend the Debate

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Hello, folks!
The Westminister Hall debate on including trans people in the ban on conversion therapy is on Monday 13thJune at 4:30pm. Email your MP now to ask they attend and support a trans-inclusive ban!
The group, Ban Conversion Therapy, has a handy template which makes it super easy to email your MP - click here to use it.
If you’ve been following how I’ve been contacting my own MP, Peter Gibson, about the conversion therapy ban I have included my email below for you to read (if it’s of interest). I got the exact same copy and paste reply to my last response, so I was a bit sarky in this message.
Dear Peter Gibson,
Thank you for sending me the exact same copy and paste response to the reply I sent you. I really appreciate the zero-effort made by your team who respond to constituents.

I am now writing to ask you to attend the Westminster Hall petition debate on Monday 13 June at 4.30pm, on ensuring trans people are fully protected under a conversion therapy ban.
Your reply to my original letter, and the reply to my second letter has still not actually told me whether or not you 1) support transgender individuals being included in the ban and 2) if you support a ban that protects all ages. Do you support a conversion ban that protects the entire LGBTQ+ community? It’s a simple yes or no question.
Seen as though you had your picture taken with a sign that read “I support a trans-inclusive ban” I hope when you attend this debate that you will fight to protect all LGBTQ+ people, regardless of their age from the abhorrent practice known as conversion therapy.
Megan Hemsley

Thank you for taking the time to help protect the entire LGBTQ+ community.
Love and Rage,
Megan x

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