The Queeerish Book Club November 2023: The Guncle by Steven Rowley

The Queerish Book Club is a monthly book club that specialises in LGBTQ+ literature. It typically runs on the last/second to last Monday of the month at 7pm and takes place at The Queerish Bookshop.

Our November book is The Guncle by Steven Rowley and our first meeting will take place on Monday 27th October at 7pm.

Below are the questions we will discuss at the club. Please note the questions contain spoilers.  


The Guncle - Book Club Questions

  1. Patrick and his sister, Clara, each have different viewpoints on what would be best for Maise and Grant after their mother's death. Which approach did you agree most with? Did that change by the novel's end?

  2. Patrick is meant to take care of his niece and nephew for the summer, but Maise and Grant prove to be just as impactful on Patrick. What do the children teach their uncle? Discuss the ways in which they learn from one another.

  3. The Guncle asks the questions: At what point does one stop being a kid? How is this explore in Maisie and Grant's life? What about Patrick's?

  4. Did you have a favourite Guncle rule? If so, which one? How would you implement it in your own life? If you had to create a new Guncle Rule, what would it be?

  5. JED are an unconventional - and hilarious - set of neighbours. How does the throuple play a role in this novel? What were some of your favourite moments with them?

  6. Grief is a major theme throughout The Guncle. Discuss the different ways in which Patrick, Grant, and Maisie each learn to cope with their grief. How do Patrick's memories of Sarah come to impact all of them? Does the endless sunshine of Palm Springs help or hurt them in these darker moments?

  7. Why do you think Emory is the first person Patrick considers opening his heart up to since Joe's death? How is Patrick now ready to explore a relationship?

  8. By the novel's end, Patrick has decided to revive his acting career. Were you surprised by his choice of project? What type of performance would you love to see Patrick do?

  9. Patrick is always his authentic self, something he draws on as a guncle. In what ways does he encourage the kids to celebrate their own unique qualities? Have you had a guncle or Auntie Mama-type figure in your own life? If so, what have you learned from them?

  10. What do you think happens next for Patrick? For Grant  and Maisie? 


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